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The most robust automated dispatching system built to suit all your personalized needs. PLANMAN empowers emterprises with the tools they need to win 


Track your on-field personnel in real-time with powerful geo analytics tools for better workforce productivity.

Create your own dispatching logic based on your requirments and needs.

Create extensive reports to give you all the visbility you need in real time.

Fleet managment

  •  Complete visibility and control over fleet
  •  Track individual fleet agent performance
  •  Seamless pilot onboarding proccess
  •  Fleet and cost optimization
  • Reporting tools

  •  Payment intergation and invoicing system
  •  Detailed in-depth reporting
  •  Pilot payment calculator and planner
  • Robust dispatching logic

  •  Robust geo-managment
  •  Robust zoning and dispatching rules
  •  Create virtual agent hubs or assign geographical areas for dispatching
  •  Create your own dispatching system based on your requirments

Reduce time and save cost by auto-assigning the delivery task to free and closest agents depending on your own pre-set rules. Navigate the delivery agent through the most optimized route to make a doorstep delivery for every customer in least possible time.

  •  Tracks pilots progress
  •  Tracks pilot geolocation
  •  Save customer address
  •  Chat mechanism
  •  Integratable with any third party app
  •  Customer address routing and optimization
  •  Live delivery status and proof of delivery

End-to-End powerful customizable client dashboard that could be the adjusted and used for many use cases


  •  Request a task
  • View completed and on-going tasks
  • Live tracking of on-going tasks
  • Online chat support
  • Multiple client dashboards
  • Payment intergation and invoicing system
  • In-depth task reports
  • Available in English and Arabic
  • inetgratble with any third party APP or platform

powerful apis integrate seamlessly

Customize and build your dispatcher from the ground up and then Integrate with any third party platform or APPs seamlessly

easly integratable sms gateways

Regulate end to end communications between your business and customers with ease

robus payment features payment gatways & soloutions

Serve your customers with swift and convenient payment options for their business transactions